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     «Голден является доказательством того, что красота и ум совместимы».
       Kurt Unkelbach, The American Dog Book, 1976


Domesticated Type of Dogs for Your Home


Dogs are inviting for kids but deciding to find one can be daunting especially if you don’t know the suitable types of dogs that are domesticated and can be an ideal family pet too. Learning the different breeds of dogs will be a good way for you to know the ideal one for your kids. Here are some dog breeds for your reference:

Labrador Retriever

1. Labrador Retrievers –these types of dogs are tremendously patient and gentle. They are being trained and used to rescue other types of dogs because of their intellect and patience in finding them. These traits make them suitable as domestic dogs that are also suitable for kids. There are also times when they can also be used as escorts to bigger kids who enjoy roaming around and playing at parks because they also possess the same energy most kids have.

Golden Retriever

2. Golden Retrievers –golden retriever dogs are known as the gentle and simpering dog after being trained. They can be a good family pet too. Although these dogs has been said to be playful, they love to chase balls, fetch games and other fun activities such as exercising. They can be a great buddy for kids of any ages. The Golden Retriever is also known as an easy to get along animal but they also have the instinct to know when to alert their masters regarding accidents.


3. Newfoundland –the Newfoundland has been known as the gentle giant because of its gentleness which is not suitable for its looks. Even the Newfoundland puppies are also an ideal one for small kids who doesn’t know yet how to interact with small animals.


4. Boxer –this type of dogs are known as the good type because they can be an excellent playmate for kids. This dog type when trained can be a perfect watch dog for your home use.


5. Beagle –these types of dogs are easy to groom and cheerful too and they can also be an excellent playmate for kids who are very fund of playing and cuddling animals. They are also the type which you can bring to bed because of their size. Although, this dog has been known as the stubborn type because they can break or even mess your home, they can be suitable for your small spaces at home.

Welsh Pembroke Corgi

6. Welsh Pembroke Corgi –this type of dog has been known to have a petite physical attributes but its energy is just the same as the bigger type of dogs. It can also be trained if you would like to teach them some tricks and also to teach them how to become a good domesticated dog for your kids. They are best for kid’s ages 6 years older and below since they know how to guide smaller kids.


7. Collie –these types of dogs are known an intelligent and patient type. They know how to go around the house with smaller kids and would love to run and play with them too.
There are lots of dog breeds that are great for the entire family but with this helpful information you will be able to know what type of dog breed will be suitable for your kids.

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